I am a playwright working and living in Winnipeg, Canada. as well I work full time in the 9-5 world. These blogs are intended to share experiences with other theater people out there about trying to get plays worked on and then produced. We all want to be the next Pinter, so how do we go about that? Comments and advice welcomed and I hope as well to advise others.




2 thoughts on “Hello

  1. Write. Write. Write. Set aside time to write… then write. Workshop your script – “open door readings”, whatever. Re-write. Then, Fringe it. Learn from the experience. Even a one star review may have something worthwhile to pay attention to. Listen to your audience – during and after each performance. Then write more. Love the experience more than any hoped for end-result.


    • Well Rick, I do write, write and write again until I go cross-eyed. I’ve been down that path myself a few times. Most of my work has been self produced. Reviews are opinions and just that. problem is one of the best plays I ever saw at the Fringe got a shit review from someone who didn’t understand the script and the play died. Oh well. We’ll see what the future has in store.


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