Sunday bloody Sunday

Sunday will be a big day. Going to spend time with my two evil (?) characters. German WW1 submarine Captain and a very old Austrian noble lady with a difference (Vampire). I think I will write a scene where they would meet and have a conversation together. I might learn a thing or two about each of them.



I think I’m going to try an experiment. Working on two plays right now. Thinking of having two characters from each play have a scene together just to see what comes of it.

Could be interesting as one is a World War one submarine commander. (The guy who sank the Lusitania) and Carmilla (a vampire).

What would they say to each other?


I am a playwright working and living in Winnipeg, Canada. as well I work full time in the 9-5 world. These blogs are intended to share experiences with other theater people out there about trying to get plays worked on and then produced. We all want to be the next Pinter, so how do we go about that? Comments and advice welcomed and I hope as well to advise others.